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Adellsen is a Virginia-based woman and minority owned management consulting firm with over 12 years of industry experience. Adellsen provides services in organizational and strategic management, financial management, asset and portfolio management, and information technology services.

Given the complexity of businesses, government, and the U.S. economy, operational creditability is increasingly more important. As a result, Adellsen consistently works with clients to examine areas of opportunities within their operational, IT, and financial infrastructures to increase efficiency, create savings, and or detect fraud and abuse. Over the last four years, Adellsen has helped government clients identify over $85.6 million in inefficiencies and strengthen processes through recommendations for increased financial oversight, improved technological resources, and stronger internal controls.

Adellsen professionals maintain the requisite education, certifications, skills, and experiences to provide competitive and innovative solutions to our clients. Furthermore, we offer services and solutions that are compliant with Federal, State, and Local regulatory bodies including the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB).


What We Believe

• Excellence in Leadership. Adellsen believes in being a catalyst for innovation.
• Excellence in Quality. Adellsen believes in delivering results that are accurate and dependable.
• Client Satisfaction. Adellsen believes in 100% client satisfaction.
 Diversity. Adellsen believes there is value in differences and inclusion with the best talent.
• Corporate Citizenship. Adellsen believes in being socially responsible to its community.


To provide quality solutions to clients based on proven processes, decision support tools, and professional expertise.

Primary NAICS Codes

To provide business analytics and decision support tools and comprehensive solutions to government agencies.
• 531390     • 561210
• 541618     • 541513
• 541219     • 561499
• 561110     • 541611
• 541512     • 611430

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